EvoClean, the latest innovation in laundry dispensing

EvoClean is our most recent innovation in laundry dispensing, incorporating our latest venturis to help industrial laundries keep their costs to a minimum. With EvoClean, no routine maintenance or tube replacement is required, while guaranteeing accuracy and performance. In this month’s issue of Tomorrow’s Cleaning Ireland, we explain why EvoClean brings good news for chemical manufacturers…

David Downham

Hydro Systems Europe appoints new Corporate Sales Manager

Hydro Systems, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of chemical proportioning and dispensing systems, has appointed David Downham as Corporate Sales Manager at Hydro Systems Europe. David brings over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry to the role, having previously worked in both technical and corporate commercial positions across a variety of sectors. David…

Hydro Systems Innovation Blog

Raising the bar

Raising the bar to meet increasingly stricter safety and environmental standards, while controlling costs is becoming more important than ever. At Hydro we’ve opted for offering a broader spectrum of applications than our competitors to make life easier for our customers. We also think that the total cost in the overall lifetime of a product…