Medicators and Injectors for the Animal Health Industry

Keep your animals healthy and disease free with Hydro Systems Volumetric injectors and medicators, designed specifically for the livestock industry. Whether it’s for a small number of poults or a large herd of market pigs, Hydro medicators and injectors offer the widest flow rates and injection rates in the industry. You can be sure that your livestock and poultry are properly cared for with Hydro dispensers and injectors as part of your system. Hydro has five manufacturing locations serving every region of the world. No more waiting for units and parts to be manufactured and shipped from overseas.

Our rugged, chemically resistant, accurate medicators are ready when you need them, whether it’s to nourish young poults or treat ailing market pigs. We have designated product development engineers, customer service representatives, field technicians and manufacturing facilities in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. You can count on Hydro injectors… they are built to last!

In industry applications for our medicators and injectors include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Vaccinating
  • Water treatment
  • Medicating
  • Administering nutrients & supplements
  • Cleaning & sanitizing drinking line systems

Things to know when choosing an injector

Water Flow Rate:
Knowing the flow rate of your water source is critical to selecting the best water driven injector for your application. Because flow rate can vary during operation, it is advised to allow some room for fluctuation between your measured flow rate and the maximum capacity of the system you select.

Water Line Pressure:
It is also important to know your water line pressure when selecting an injector. While many injectors in our line look similar, it is important to remember that various models are specifically designed to operate at a wide range of psi ratings. Making sure the injector you choose is rated to operate at a certain psi is critical.

Desired Injection Ratio Or Percentage:
Whether your chemical calls for a specific dilution ratio or % injection we have you covered. Each Hydro Volumetric model lists the range of chemical injection it is capable of supporting.

Type Of Chemical To Be Injected:
Hydro volumetric injectors are designed to handle a wide range of chemicals (aggressive, high viscosity, dissolved powders). If you have concerns about a specific chemistry we can recommend the best model. If preferred, Hydro Systems will test your chemical with our system at no cost; simply provide us the chemical in question.

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