Laundry Dispensing Systems

Hydro’s Laundry brand of peristaltic chemical dispensing equipment has been the choice of market leaders for laundry dispensing systems since 1988. Each system is engineered specifically for the market it is used in and incorporates the latest in technology. Laundry dispensers have led the way in innovation with optically isolated machine interfaces, rinse saver logic, modular design and no tools squeeze tube replacement just to name a few. When deciding which dispensers to purchase there’s more to consider than just the acquisition cost. Installer’s time is money. How long will it take to install the system? Do you need to dismantle the dispenser to install it? Do you need to purchase installation supplies in addition to the dispenser?

Every Hydro Laundry brand dispenser comes pre-wired from the factory so there is no need to dismantle the dispenser to install it. Since the dispenser is pre-wired, installation time is cut, saving not only time but money. Programming of Hydro Laundry brand dispensers can be done in advance which again reduces installation time. All programming is saved in memory so there is no worry about losing it if the dispenser is powered down. Total installed cost–just another advantage in choosing Hydro’s Laundry brand of dispensers.

Laundry Applications: Corrections, Educational, Athletic, Hospitals, Health Care, and Industrial, among others.

Laundry Products