Green.tek becomes Hydro Distributor

Green-Tek is Master Distributor of Volumetric Injector Equipment for Hydro Systems As of November, 2013,  Green-Tek became the exclusive master distributor for Hydro Systems injectors in the irrigation and horticulture industry in the United States. For our existing customers, this will mean that very little is changing.  You will still receive the same product offerings and at the same price.  The only change will be that the Hydro Systems line of injectors will now be purchased through Green-Tek, a current supplier to many of you.  Green-Tek has eight sales representatives dedicated to the horticulture industry.  Hydro Systems had one – Richard Smith, who has worked with you for many years.  We are pleased to announce that Richard has joined Green-Tek, so you can continue to work with him and use his extensive knowledge of the industry. Beginning today, you can purchase all of your injectors through Green-Tek.  Any existing orders will still be supplied by Hydro Systems.   Understandably, it will take time for some of you to switch your purchases to Green-Tek.  For that reason, Hydro Systems and Green-Tek will work to make this transition as seamless as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Green-Tek or Hydro Systems at the phone numbers below: Matt Hayas at Hydro Systems: 800-543-7184 Paul Jacobson at Green-Tek: 800-747-6440