Maintenance for Success

The ‘right’ chemical dispenser will only remain so if you maintain the features that made it an attractive choice in the first place. Maintenance is essential to ensure optimum performance over a period of time. A preventative approach is preferable to waiting for a problem to develop. Let it escalate and the repercussions may be…

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Dispensing Advice – Giving In-House Laundries the Chemistry to Compete

The laundry industry is constantly evolving. The previous impetus in the commercial sector, with facilities such as hospitals and hotels actively bringing the laundry process in-house, is becoming a victim of the harsh economies of scale in the sector. As the volume of laundry processed escalates, delivering profitability requires an increasingly sophisticated balancing act. Competition…

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Water in Sink

Dispensing the Best of Both Worlds

Any form of chemical dispensing is by its very nature a potentially hazardous procedure. Delivering a chemical, or multiple chemicals, to enable a successful laundry cycle is no exception.

Chemical safety and, by default, environmental safety are inextricably linked to variables such as the mechanical controls that govern usage; appropriate procedures being in place in operation, as well as employees being provided with – and trained in – the correct use of personal protective equipment. Risk also extends to matters of the correct electrical installation and the fire safety of the facility where the chemical is in use…

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Choosing the Right Equipment

Alistair Blair-Davies, Hydro Systems’ global director of brand and marketing communications, explains how selecting the right chemical dispensing system is one of the most crucial decisions you will make. Without being sure of delivering safe, cost effective operation and high quality cleaning – while responding to all your customers key requirements for quick installation …

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Industrial Laundry

A Matter of Choice

Chemical dispensing units are a pivotal investment in an industrial laundry. Correctly installed, they deliver efficiencies which can make all the difference to the fine margins that are typical of the industry. Chemical dispensers create balance between the conflicting demands, that – as an operational or facilities manager – you have to deal with every…

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Hydro's stand at The Cleaning Show 2017

Innovations at The Cleaning Show 2017

Come and visit us at The Cleaning Show from 14-16 March in Excel – London, where we will be showcasing our latest innovations in dosing and dispensing systems. Some of our products include: EvoWash: a powder and solid detergent dissolver for dishwashers, with optional integrated rinse pump. EvoClean: a venturi-based laundry unit that doesn’t require tube replacement,…

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smart dispensing

The smart future for dispensing

The use of technology continues to spread in all areas of our lives. We are witnessing the adoption of technology in all sorts of everyday objects and tasks. The Internet and network connectivity allow us to send and receive as much information as we never thought before. This month we talk in Tomorrow’s Cleaning about…

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Value for money

When it comes to finding good value for money with the right dispensing equipment, chemical manufacturers are looking for a solution that not only delivers performance, but also helps maximise revenue while keeping down costs. Our latest venturi laundry innovation, EvoClean, has no moving parts or peristaltic tubes. This means there is no routine maintenance…

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