Connected Total Eclipse

Proven laundry controller with enhanced data visibility

The Connected Total Eclipse combines the simplicity and familiarity of the Total Eclipse controller with the cutting edge reporting of Hydro Connect. It is a cost-effective, secure and user friendly electronic controller specifically designed for on-premise laundry operations with 1-4 washers.

Purchase new or retrofit any existing Hydro laundry dispenser that utilizes an Eclipse or Total Eclipse Controller by simply swapping out the controller and adding a gateway. The process is easy and cost effective.

The standard Total Eclipse controller is also still available for traditional installations.


Safe, Flexible and Easy to Upgrade
  • With thousands of Total Eclipse Controllers already in use, customers will not need to learn a new system or retrain employees
  • Hydro has maintained the Formula Editor software and USB programming to work with the Connected TE –programs can be written and transferred quickly, without hundreds of tedious button pushes on the controller
  • By purchasing the real-time service, users can make changes to their configuration remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection – customers are reporting up to 90% savings in maintenance costs
  • Drastically reduce the need for costly site visits – common changes that can be made remotely include adding a formula, changing dosage and changing a load weight
Premium Reporting Capabilities
  • Enhance visibility of critical site data with real-time
    or historical reporting on productivity (loads/weight), chemical usage, costs, and alarms through Hydro Connect
  • Head off costly alarm conditions such as incomplete or stopped loads before they cause rewash
  • Formulas and controller setups can be programmed at the controller or with the Formula Editor computer software and uploaded via USB flash drive (8 GB or smaller) to each controller
  • Automate and simplify the process of reporting load counts and chemical usage – professional reporting can be accessed remotely and ready to e-mail in a matter of seconds through Hydro Connect
  • Scalable: If clients are unable to purchase a gateway or real-time service package, they can still enjoy historical reporting through a manual upload into Hydro Connect using the USB drive at no additional cost
Standard Features
  • Controls up to 8 products
  • Program up to 48 different wash formulas
  • Six line, plain text menu and button prompts display on controller
  • Multiple languages available
  • Part of pre-wired modular system
  • SAE or metric units of measurement


Connected Total Eclipse Datasheet

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Connected Total Eclipse User Manual

Connected Total Eclipse Quick Start Guide