Smart Dosing for Enhanced Food Safety Compliance

​The DMx is a smart, versatile warewash dispenser, designed to accurately and reliably dispense solid or liquid detergents, rinse aid or sanitizer in commercial kitchens.  It works anywhere in the world on most high or low temperature door, conveyer, and flight-style machines with numerous optional upgrades to enhance its functionality. The DMx is compatible with Hydro Connect (Hydro’s IoT platform) and features intuitive configuration and comprehensive reporting through the Hydro Connect Mobile Application.


Durable, Safe and Easy to Use
  • Supports both solid and liquid chemical formulations
  • Works anywhere in the world on most high or low temperature door, conveyer, and flight-style machines
  • Redesigned motor drive offers ultimate reliability, running around the clock in the busiest kitchens
  • Certified safe according to various global standards including ETL, CSA and CE
Easy Installation and Secure Data Transmission via Hydro Connect
  • Features pre-wired power, signal, and conductivity cabling that saves customers valuable time and money, while enhancing safety
  • Installed and set up with minimal training or prior experience using the multi-lingual Hydro Connect Mobile Application, reducing installation time by as much as 30%
  • Secure: The Hydro Connect Mobile Application prevents unauthorized users from accessing the dispenser and protects valuable client data
Reduce the Need for Costly Site Visits
  • Provides enhanced visibility of data on productivity (racks), chemical usage, costs, and alarms through Hydro Connect
  • Maintenance alarms gently remind the staff when it is time to delime the dish machine, change the tank water, or change a squeeze tube, preventing the dish machine from being damaged and limiting rewash or unclean dishes from reaching consumers
Ensures Compliance to the Food Code
    • Enhanced sensing capability inside the wash tank and rinse lines including an optional temperature compensated conductivity probe or inductive probe for tracking chemical levels and temperatures inside the dish machine
    • An optional temperature sensor can also be added to detect rinse temperatures below those required for sanitation

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DMx Datasheet

DMx Datasheet – Spanish

DMx Installation Manual

DMx Quick Start Guide

DMx Instruction Sheet – TC Probe Kit

DMx Instruction Sheet – Rinse Probe Kit

Model Numbers

Model No.Cabinet SizeLiquid Pump StyleNo. of Liquid PumpsNo. of SolenoidsConductivity Probe StyleData TransferRinse Temp ProbeTubing Kit

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Hydro Connect – Chemical Admin – Spanish

Hydro Connect – User Reports – Spanish