Dositec Tunnel Systems

Tunnel Chemical Dispensing Systems for Industrial Laundry

Hydro Systems is an innovative market leader in the global manufacturing of chemical management systems for commercial laundry. Hydro Systems is proud to announce our partnership with Dositec Sistemas, a leading manufacturer of central laundry and large on-premises laundry dosing systems in Europe. This partnership provides Hydro Systems with a complete line of commercial laundry equipment for new and existing customers, broadening the existing product line to include systems for multiple washer extractors and tunnel washers of varying sizes.


The new line of equipment also includes a Dositec Multi-Washer System.


Features & Benefits

Tunnel Chemical Dispensing Systems for Industrial Laundry

Dositec Tunnel Systems are customisable to fit any commercial laundry need, featuring tunnel machines. Ethernet and wireless access options are available for remote monitoring and management and all systems include high-quality, durable pneumatic diaphragm pumps.

Flexible and Easy to Configure

  • Floor mounted or panel mounted design
  • Built in touch screen with PLC based control
  • Multiple channel configurations for washer/extractors and tunnels to fit laundries of any size
  • Washer/extractor units support up to 10 machines with up to 10 products

Accurately Dispense Chemicals and Reduce Downtime

  • Integrated flow meter delivers ±3% for most products
  • Reliable, accurate diaphragm pumps from Wilden® (1.1 GPM or 4.4 LPM)
  • Optional air flush to ensure complete delivery of product
  • Tunnel dosing based on actual load size

Laundrytec Software

All Dositec systems feature the Laundrytec software for complete wash aisle management. The Laundrytec software is web-based and real-time, designed to give you complete and comprehensive reporting and control capabilities.

Dositec’s Laundrytec software features:

  • Remote wireless and Ethernet programming
  • System monitoring
  • Reporting for process and load efficiency
  • Formula run times
  • Chemical usage
  • Production efficiency

You can download or update your Laundrytec Software on our downloads page.

For more information about laundry system solutions offered by Hydro Systems please call  +44 (0)1344 488880 or contact us here.

See the dosing process in action:


Dositec Tunnel Systems Datasheet – English