Spraying and foaming unit for heavy duty cleaning applications

Highly versatile range of cleaning and sanitising systems offering simplicity, durability and outstanding value with a cleaning performance second to none.
EvoChem is ideal for use in all heavy duty cleaning applications, including food processing, restaurant kitchens, hospitals, abattoirs, dairies, vehicle washing.

  • 1 or 2 products, with rinse facility
  • Choice of backflow prevention devices – double or triple check valve available
  • Choice of guns and lances for spraying and foaming
  • Retractable hose reel option
  • Chemical container racks hold x2 standard 5ltr containers or x1 standard 10ltr container
  • Integrated hose hanger
  • Frost protection shroud available

Features & Benefits


The right results from the foaming chemical – every time the unit is used – achieved through:

  • The widest range of metering tips in the industry ensures the EvoChem can match your required dilution rate
  • Excellent, easily directed product throw as spray or foam


  • Patented dual eductor technology
  • No accidental mixing of chemical products
  • Meets all European water safety standards
  • Correct dilutions safeguard the surface being cleaned against potential damage caused by excessive dilution strength


  • 10 or 15 metre PVC or SBR hose
  • Supplied ready to use
  • Supplied ready-to-fit, with fixing kit for ease of installation


  • No chemical wastage
  • Optional water inlet hoses with self-cutting taps designed to reduce installation time even further


  • Enables you to comply with all hygiene regulations; HACCP etc.
  • Every unit individually factory-tested to guarantee reliability of operation
  • Lime scale-resistant venturi eliminates need for descaling in hard water areas
  • Metering tips with tight production tolerance guarantee consistent dilution performance




Model #ProductsColourBack Flow ProtectionHose LengthHose MaterialLow FlowHigh FlowGun/Lance
Models supplied without hose or gun9231GBA11WhiteDoubleNo HoseN/AHFNo
9261GBC12WhiteDoubleNo HoseN/AHFNo
Models complete with hose & gun9231GBA21WhiteDouble15mSBRHFHD Blue
9261GBC32WhiteDouble15mSBRHFHD Blue
Models complete with hose & lance9261GBC22WhiteDouble15mPVCLFLance