Flush Manifold

Modular flushing unit for use with Hydro laundry dispensing systems

The Flush Manifold transfers liquid laundry products from the dispenser to the washer using water flow via a single discharge tube.

The dispenser pumps into the manifold via the check valves. The flush valve controls water flow through the manifold, which in turn transfers product to the washer.

The FM 700 series Flush Manifold is a single unit that includes the water valve and manifold all in one convenient assembly. This unit is designed to provide the easiest and most cost-effective means of flushing liquid laundry products when used with Hydro Systems Laundry Dispensing Systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Built to transport liquid supplies for long distances
  • Capably handles viscous products
  • Automatically dilutes strong chemicals
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Includes mounting brackets
  • Flow switch incorporated to boost safety


Watch how the Flush Manifold works


Model No.DescriptionPart No.
FM-702Modular Flush Manifold 2 product00-03603-02
FM-704Modular Flush Manifold 4 product00-03603-04
FM-706Modular Flush Manifold 6 product00-03603-06
FM-708Modular Flush Manifold 8 product00-03603-08
FM-710Modular Flush Manifold 10 product (not shown)00-03603-10
FM-700Modular Flush Manifold 2 product add-on00-03603-10


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