FM-800 Standard Flush Manifold

FM-800 Standard Flush Manifold Safely Flushes Chemical Lines

The FM-800 Flush Manifold for commercial laundry transfers liquid laundry products from the dispenser to the washer using water flow via a single discharge tube.  It minimises leak points and is designed to optimise safety and reliability by completely flushing chemical products to the washer.


Simplified single delivery line for all products for your laundry application

Reliability is top priority with the FM-800, Hydro’s latest Flush Manifold product. Its design incorporates fewer leak paths, all threaded seals and a more flexible, robust water inlet connection.

The expandable manifold consists of molded modules that easily thread together to accommodate a variety of installation configurations. As your demands increase, so can the capabilities of your Flush Manifold. The manifold also has multiple proven components to optimize safe performance for the life of your dispenser.

Flush Manifold

  • Industry standard ball and spring check valves prevent unwanted chemical mixing
  • An integrated flow switch avoids incomplete dispensing with water flows under 0.65 GPM
  • Straight and 90° hose barbs with a push-to-connect interface ensure an easy and hassle-free install
  • A swivel feature that allows the unit to be adjusted in 45 degree increments from the vertical for added flexibility
  • Easily connects to most Hydro dispensing systems
  • Reduces stress on the peristaltic pump system by using water to transport products over long distances
  • Optimizes safety and cleaning results — avoids potentially hazardous chemical mixing by flushing with an adequate water supply between dosages


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FM-800 Flush Manifold Datasheet

FM-800 Flush Manifold User Manual

Flow Switch Replacement User Manual

2-4 Port Manifold Add-On User Manual

Pressure Gauge User Manual