HydroMinder WDP

The HydroMinder name has been well-known in the vehicle wash market space for many years, and now Hydro Systems is expanding its water-driven pump (WDP) product line for use in this industry. HydroMinder WDP is designed for use with the most common chemicals throughout all phases of the vehicle wash cycle. It couples outstanding chemical resistance with the ability to last 62 million cycles prior to maintenance. You can put your mind at ease when using HydroMinder WDP.


Water-Driven Pump for Vehicle Wash Chemicals

  • Exhibits extreme chemical resistance with low, neutral and high pH chemistries allowing for one pump to be used in all vehicle wash applications
  • Mounting versatility allows for water flow in both directions providing better installation versatility
  • Lasts up to 62 million cycles, resulting in less maintenance and reducing cost of ownership by up to £500/€600
  • Improved dilution accuracy across all flow rates reduces the risk of improper chemical dispensing that could result in vehicles needing rewash
  • Features fewer parts and tool-free maintenance resulting in up to 50% reduction in maintenance time compared to other technologies
  • Adjustable dilution options up to 5% available, providing design versatility when using different chemicals with the same pump
Perfect for:
  • Pre-Soak
  • Detergent
  • Special Chemical Applications
  • Wax/Protectants/Rinse Aids
  • Tyre Care
Chemical Compatibility

HydroMinder WDP is made up of highly engineered materials that come in contact with the chemical that is being diluted featuring extremely high chemical resistance. It is resistant to alkaline chemicals including (but not limited to) hydroxides and phosphates. It is also resistant to acids including (but not limited to) sulfuric, phosphoric, citric and hydrochloric acids.

Please consult Hydro Systems for additional information on chemical compatibility.

Additional Information

Part NumbersAdjustable 2% (NPT): HYD117947CW
Adjustable 5% (NPT): HYD117948CW
Adjustable 2% (BSP): HYD117957CW
Adjustable 5% (BSP): HYD117958CW


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HydroMinder WDP Datasheet

HydroMinder WDP Manual

HydroMinder WDP Maintenance Kits – Adjustable BSP

HydroMinder WDP Maintenance Kits – Adjustable NTP